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Selected from Sts. Peter and Paul's, South Melbourne; 1854-1979; a historical survey. South Melbourne, St Peter and Paul's, 1979

1854 - Rev. Fr John Aloysius O'Connell, Capuchin Friar, arrived. He served as parish priest until his death in 1858. A large tent was set up to be used as a church, and soon after, as a school for the local children.

1855 - The Loreto nuns took over Sts Peter and Paul's School.

1856 - The second stage of the current church was completed.

1856 - The first brick church was opened. It was used for worship, schooling and, later, as clubrooms. There was also an Irish dancing school.

1857 - The population was 6,419.

1857 - St Joseph's School, Sandridge opened.

1860 - Rev. William Shinnock was appointed pastor. He founded the choir, a night school and the school committee. He was reassigned to Gippsland.

1864 - Rev John O'Driscol was appointed parish priest "at a time when racial prejudices there required an energetic and prudent priest".

1869 - The foundation stone of the current church was laid.

1871 - The population was 17,108.

1874 - The Christian Brothers took over the orphanage. The Mercy sisters set up with the orphan girls across Church Street.

1876 - Foundation stone of the present presbytery was laid.

1879 - St Joseph's Church, Port Melbourne opened.

1883 - The City of South Melbourne was proclaimed.

1887 - A St Vincent de Paul Conference opened in the parish.

1888 - Loreto nuns came to the parish to open an exclusive girls' school.

1890 - The foundation stone for the girl's school was said.

1891 - The new pastor, Rev John Heffernan died of tuberculosis after only three months. He was succeeded as parish priest by Ballarat-born Rev. John J. Graber, Rev Richard Collins was appointed parish priest.

1900 - Christian Brothers house and high school were completed.

1906 - The Rosary Place Convent and School were completed. The Albert Road convent was extended to accommodate a training college for women teachers.

1907 - The parish bought Albert Hall, later called Emerald Hall from Lauder's Riding School.

1912 - The next stage of the church was built to enlarge its capacity to 1230 people.

1916 - The population was 48,000.

1921 - Our Lady.of the Assumption school built in Clarendon Street.

1925 - The Christian Brothers' opened St Vincent's Boys' hostel and St Joseph's Technical School in Park Street.

1928 - Our Lady's Church opened in Park Street.

1933 - The marble altar was installed to commemorate Monsignor Collins' Jubilee.

1936 - The population was 43,000.

1937 - Our Lady's School of Domestic Arts opened behind Our lady's School in Clarendon Street.

1942 - Monsignor Collins died and was succeeded by Rev. Thomas Power. Y.C.W. opened in the parish.

1961 - Loreto Commercial College established in Bank Street.

1966 - The Girls' Orphanage closed and the girls moved into cottage homes.

1968 - St Vincent's Boys Hostel closed.

1969 - Upon the death of Monsignor Power who had been 60 years a priest, Rev. Maurice Bernard Heriot was appointed parish priest.

1855 - Loreto House, Novitiate and Provincial House opened in the former St. Vincent's Boys Hostel.

1855 - Mission to Prince Henrys Hospital began.

1973 - Rev Robert John Maguire appointed parish priest.

1995 - Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School opened.

1996 - Mary's Wayside Chapel opened in Park Street.

1999 - Renovations to church blessed by Archbishop Pell

1999 - Emerald Hill Mission established to serve local needy.